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Titanium manicure. A new way of painting nails?

fingernails.jpgThere was Japanese, classic, biological and hybrid manicure. Now it’s time for titanium manicure. This procedure is performed only in professional and certified beauty salons. Titanium manicure requires making use of SNS method, which is an abbreviation for Signature Nail System. What is this cutting-edge technique all about? Simply speaking, UV lamps are no longer used for nail enamel hardening. Manicure artists have resigned from using the device in the name of healthy skin and strong fingernails. Artificial UV radiation is responsible for accelerating skin ageing processes and nail damages.

What does the procedure consists of? It begins with mattifying and polishing fingernail surface, pushing back cuticles and filing edges of finger plates. Then a beautician applies a special base coat and puts each fingernail in a container filled with a colourful dust. Currently, the market offers 350 shades (we can choose among reds, blues, greens, violets and many other colours). Some of them are enriched with glitter. In order to make the colour more intensive, fingernails are covered with the powdered pigment twice. The next step is hardening the tinted dust with the use of a special transparent nail enamel. The entire procedure lasts approximately 40 minutes.

Titanium manicure is way safer than other types of manicure. The colourful dust, which the fingernails are covered with, has plenty of advantages. For example, thanks to the content of titanium dioxide and acrylic polymer, nails are hardened and, at the same time, protected from splitting, breaking and cracking. Moreover, the pigment is rich in vitamins A, E, D and these form B group as well as calcium. All the substances are responsible for strengthening and preserving natural colour; counteracts fingernails going yellow and becoming discoloured, in general. Titanium manicure stays on fingernails long (even up to four weeks) as it poses a great solution for girls who don’t have time for long nail care procedures or mundane nail painting.

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