Why Your Hair Conditioner Stopped Working? Fix It!

We get used to certain cosmetics, especially when they benefit our hair. What to do when you feel your fave hair conditioner stopped working? Get a different one?

The main reason for a problematic hair care is not knowing what your hair is going to like. These may be natural oils or a silicone serum which is regarded bad for hair. With the trial and error method, we get the best products and stick to them. Until the favourite conditioner stops delivering effects. We begin wondering how it’s possible…

Why my hair conditioner doesn’t work anymore?

The first thing that comes to your mind – the ingredients must have been changed. It happens but it’s not the most common cause of poorer effects given by products. The conditioner works differently depending on the hair condition. If your hair became better moisturised and healthier, a conditioner for damaged strands is useless. Another thing worth knowing is that your hairdo gets used to active ingredients after some time and simply no longer reacts to them. Hair loves changes!

What to do when a hair conditioner stops delivering effects?

  • Since hair gets used to products, you must provide it with some variety. Enriching a conditioner with a hair oil is a great solution. You don’t need to pour the oil into the product’s packaging. Just mix a portion of a conditioner with a few drops of the oil before the application. It’s an amazing alternative for those who aren’t fans of hair oil treatment but want to make use of the natural oil benefits. Adding oils to a conditioner is going to bring back its benefits.
  • Add aloe juice or honey to a conditioner. These substances enrich products with moisturising properties. This may let you use the conditioner up.
  • Why don’t you get interested in the types of conditioners that are available on the market? I don’t mean brands. I mean the ingredients. There are three basic conditioners – with emollients, proteins and humectants. You must provide your hair with all of these substances so apply different conditioners by turns. Check the ingredients of your products and use them by turns.
  • Resting from a given product for some time is sometimes the best solution. Using a conditioner, which no longer works, at a push makes no sense and may harm your hair. You can’t force a product to work. Go back to it when your hair’s rested.

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