Heat Damage Protection for Hair: TOP 10 PRODUCTS [Ranking]

Keeping your hair safe from high temperatures while heat styling is one of the key aspects of conscious hair care, which—sadly—is often ignored. The painful truth is that the heat generated by a blow dryer, flat iron and curling rod contributes to causing damage to hair, stripping moisture off. Being aware of the destructive consequences of maxing out on heat styling, we should do anything we can to provide our almost defenseless strands with adequate protection. 

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The good news is that you can give yourself a pretty hairstyle—using heat tools, of course—without inflicting any harm to the tresses. All you have to do is equip yourself with one of top-performing thermal protection sprays—the best ones are also able to nourish and leave hair significantly better-looking! Which protective spray to choose? Below you’ll find leading hair products that minimize the risk of heat damage that comes with styling. Check out our ranking and pick the heat protectant that suits you best.

What’s heat protectant spray?

Heat protectant spray—also known as thermal spray or thermal protection spray—is currently one of hottest hairstyling trends. Before you consider it excessive, think for a while how beneficial this product actually is. With just one cosmetic you can improve the appearance of your locks and shield them from heat damage.

Even the ease of use makes a heat protectant spray a product worth having close at hand: you simply spray your strands with it before grabbing a blow dryer or a flat iron, or before going to the beach. Yes, that’s right, a product like thermal spray also keeps your tresses safe by locking moisture inside the shafts when you’re sunbathing or goofing around with your friends in the sun.

Taking this one simple step, you can stop worrying whether you’re causing irreversible damage to the hair when the temperature rises. No dryness, no brittleness, no splitting. It’s pretty incredible that applying a heat protectant spray takes just a few seconds but the benefits it brings out are enormous and long-lasting.



Nanoil, Heat Protectant Spray

One of the latest Nanoil hair products—Heat Protectant Spray—is number one among top thermal sprays. Not only does it meet all the requirements of a top-performing heat protectant but it is also given enthusiastic reviews by its users. Nanoil Heat Protectant Spray is highly effective: it keeps hair from getting fried, even when the temperature of the hairstyling tool reaches 440°F (220°C). Even its formula suits all hair types. Recommended by hair specialists and satisfied users, this thermal spray from Nanoil is one of the best-selling and top-rated hair products created to defy heat damage.
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Kevin Murphy, Ever Smooth

Ever Smooth thermo spray is an offering from a prestigious and world-recognized hair brand—Kevin Murphy. This product is designed for those who want their hair to be protected during blow drying, as well as for those who like perfectly smooth and tamed wisps. Interestingly, Ever Smooth spray starts working only when exposed to the heat generated by a hair dryer. What does it actually do? It combats frizz and is supposed to create a pleasantly smooth blowout. Most of all, however, this thermal spray prevents tangling and makes arranging hairdos significantly easier. It's also said to extend the life of any style you choose to wear on a particular day.
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Ouai, Heat Protection Spray

Here's another fairly popular and highly-rated (mainly by bloggers) lightweight thermal spray. Being available in a deodorant-like form, this hair mist leaves you with glossy, stronger and—most of all—protected strands. Ouai Heat Protection Spray seems to be just the ticket for those with extremely delicate and fine hair. Even though some users complain about the price and small size, this thermal spray is proven to shield the hair even from extremely high temperatures. It ensures shiny, healthy-looking hair that is resistant to heat damage regardless of the hot tool used. As for the formula, the Ouai product contains precious thermal polymers that divert heat and help color stay true for longer. And the best bit is that you can enjoy these effects without compromising a single bit of the hair volume.
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Bumble and Bumble, Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil

You can get this thermal protection spray from Bumble and Bumble in two sizes. The smaller one is a perfect fit for a travel bag, so you can always carry it with you while heading to some sunny places. As the name suggests, this product contains naturally-derived oils that are responsible for providing protection from UV damage and moisture loss. Being fairly oily, the formula works for dehydrated and damaged strands best—only on this hair type the thermal spray is able to penetrate fully without leaving you with limp or weighed-down hair. Its price is a little bit higher but the bigger size compensates the expense. The tropical smell works to Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil's advantage. The blend of six plant oils protects hair from damage, helps to create resilience, maintains hydration and tames fly-aways.
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Davines, Melu Hair Shield

Davines has proved again that it knows how to create hair products by using carefully-selected ingredients to deliver stunning results. And this thermal spray makes a perfect complement of the entire heat protection series named Melu. Plain design and conditioning action are two distinguishing features of many Davines cosmetics. When it comes to Melu Hair Shield, it forms a barrier around the hair that keeps it safe from the heat generated by a blow dryer or flat iron. Recommended for long and damaged strands, this thermal spray is potent enough to successfully defy heat damage, at the same time working to combat frizz and static. Villalba seed extract that can be found in Davines Melu Hair Shield delivers nutrients and prevents breakage, leaving you with a softer and shinier blowout.
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Moroccanoil, Perfect Defense

If you're looking for a product that prevents damage from blowouts and locks moisture inside the shafts, then Moroccanoil Perfect Defense may be your next best bet. Without making hair look greasy, this thermal spray increases resilience and boosts shine. Additionally, it's perfect for all hair types, including extremely dry and mature. The nourishing formula enriched with argan oil and pro-vitamin B5 deeply moisturizes the hair and improves its appearance by preventing heat damage. Oil extracted from argan kernels is rich in EFAs and antioxidants that together promote better-looking and manageable hair. Pro-vitamin B5, in turn, handles hydration and ensures shine boost. Owing to these two ingredients Moroccanoil Perfect Defense is able to protect the hair.
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Philip B, Thermal Protection Spray

Now something for those who look for a product that provides heat damage protection, facilitates styling and has volume-boosting capabilities. Philip B Thermal Protection Spray—because this is the 3in1 cosmetic that’s now being reviewed—is formulated with olive oil, shea butter, sesame oil, sweet almond oil and safflower oil, to name just a few. This high oil content works for damaged tressers that get weaker when exposed to high temperatures. How so? Because the oils lock moisture inside the hair and deliver nutrients. Apart from the plant oils, this thermal protectant spray also has amino acids that help reverse damage in hair. The rich formula fights off splitting, dullness and breakage. When used on hair, Philip B Thermal Protection Spray creates an invisible shield that isolates strands from the negative impact of UV light, sea salt and heat.
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Kerastase, Chronologiste Thermique Regenerant

This product is more of a heat protectant balm that comes with an atomizer for easier application. Kerastase Chronologiste Thermique Regenerant is recommended for over-processed hair that is exposed to heat styling on a daily basis. It protects the strands from high temperatures by forming a sheer protective coating that locks water and nutrients inside. Some users say that this product added more body to their weak hair, which isn't a common effect of heat protectants. Without making hair look weighted down, Kerastase Chronologiste Thermique Regenerant minimizes the risk of heat damage, splitting and brittleness. Combining edelweiss stem cells with ginger root, this rich thermal protectant leaves hair smoother, frizz-free and easy to style.
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Keamon, 13 Heat Spray

A big-size cosmetic available at a low price is what attracts customers, isn’t it? But are these the main two reasons why people reach for Keamon 13 Hair Spray? One thing can be taken for granted—this thermal spray knows how to keep hair safe during heat styling. This is a fairly lightweight formula suitable for normal, weak and damaged hair. Inside the bottle, you can find a precious antioxidant—ferulic acid—that fights off free radicals responsible for messing up with hair condition. Procyanidins originated from grape seeds are also good at neutralizing the negative impact of free radicals. It's also worth mentioning that Keamon 13 Heat Spray works as an SPF for hair. Creating a heat protection, this product also prevents static and frizz, which significantly increases hair's manageability. Some users point out that despite having a fairly big size, this thermal spray doesn't last long.
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CHI 44, Iron Guard Thermal Protection Spray

Without doubt, CHI 44 thermal spray is the best solution that suits every pocket, but does it also suit every hair type? This spray is recommended for styling dry hair with a flat iron or a curling rod. CHI 44 Iron Guard Thermal Protection Spray works perfect when it comes to reducing frizz and static during cold winter days. Cationic Hydration Interlink that the product is formulated with is responsible for locking moisture inside to prevent it from escaping hair due to heat styling. Silk proteins, in turn, penetrate the tresses to make them stronger from within, thus resistant to heat damage. That's basically why strands treated with this thermal spray become smoother, pleasant to the touch and can be brushed without tugging.
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